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Updated: 1/23/2011

How may we help you today?

Services that we offer to individuals & small businesses include:

  • Buying or leasing new computers & peripherals
    • We can analyze your needs to help you choose the right hardware.
    • We can help you find the best price available from a variety of sources.
    • We can obtain the equipment for you, deliver it, and set it up at your site.
  • Upgrading your current equipment
    • We can help you decide whether it makes sense to upgrade your system.
    • We can install new hardware (CD-ROM, hard-drive, memory, etc.)
    • We can install and configure new software - from games to operating systems.
  • Hardware and software technical assistance.
    • We'll help at your site or over the phone.
      No problem is too small.

Send your inquiry through the web - Click here to use our Contact Form.